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Valbella Gourmet Foods, established in 1978 by Walter and Leonie von Rotz, is a testament to enduring quality and culinary excellence. Located in the picturesque setting of downtown Canmore, Valbella has evolved from a modest 1,000 sq.ft. plant to a sprawling 40,000 sq.ft. production facility over the past 45 years. This growth reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality sausages, hams, charcuterie products, and more.

Growth and Expansion
Valbella’s journey from a small plant to a large-scale production facility is marked by continuous improvement and expansion. The current facility, set against the backdrop of Canmore’s Three Sister’s Mountains, symbolizes the company’s growth and success in the food industry.
Product Range and Quality

Valbella is renowned for its European-style sausages, hams, and air-dried meats. These products, celebrated for their quality and taste, quickly gained popularity in Banff’s prestigious hotels and restaurants. Today, Valbella’s products are a staple in gourmet dining establishments, fine hotels, and top-tier food markets throughout Alberta.

Commitment to Excellence
The cornerstone of Valbella’s success is its commitment to excellence, deeply rooted in European traditions and a simple love for fine food. This commitment has not only earned Valbella a distinguished reputation in Western Canada but also a loyal customer base that eagerly anticipates new and innovative products.

Innovation and Market Presence
Valbella is recognized for its constant product innovation and keen market sense. The team’s ability to create tantalizing new products caters to a range of culinary needs, from gourmet menus to casual backyard BBQ parties. This innovative spirit keeps Valbella at the forefront of the meat processing industry, continually meeting and exceeding customer and chef expectations.

Valbella Gourmet Foods stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the meat processing industry. With a history spanning over four decades, the company continues to delight customers with its exquisite European-style products and unwavering commitment to excellence. Valbella remains a cherished name for those seeking the finest in gourmet meats and charcuterie.