Our Farmers

Mountain View Poultry: A Pillar of Quality and Ethical Farming

Mountain View Poultry, located just west of Okotoks, is a prime example of sustainable and ethical farming practices that align perfectly with The Better Butcher’s commitment to quality. This family-run farm specializes in raising free-run broiler chickens, a practice that not only supports animal welfare but also results in healthier and tastier meat for consumers.

Commitment to Animal Welfare

At Mountain View Poultry, the chickens are raised in a free-run environment, ensuring they have ample space and natural conditions for healthy growth. This approach is a testament to the farm’s commitment to animal welfare and reflects a farming philosophy that prioritizes the well-being of the animals.

No Antibiotics, Just Natural Goodness
The chickens at Mountain View Poultry are not fed antibiotics, a decision that supports the farm’s dedication to natural and wholesome farming practices. This ensures that the poultry supplied to The Better Butcher is of the highest quality, free from unnecessary additives, and packed with natural flavors.
Locally Processed for Freshness
Mountain View Poultry processes its chickens in its own provincially inspected plant. This local processing not only guarantees the freshness of the poultry but also allows for meticulous quality control, ensuring that every bird meets the high standards expected by The Better Butcher and its customers.

Serving the Calgary Community

Proudly offering fresh, locally raised poultry at competitive prices, Mountain View Poultry has become a key supplier for restaurants and private consumers in the greater Calgary area. Their commitment to quality, ethical practices, and community service makes them an invaluable partner for The Better Butcher.

Mountain View Poultry embodies the values of sustainability, animal welfare, and quality that The Better Butcher stands for. As a cherished partner, they play a crucial role in ensuring that customers at The Better Butcher receive only the best, ethically raised poultry.