Our Farmers

Ewe-Nique Farms: Championing Ethical Lamb Farming

Ewe-Nique Farms in Champion, Alberta, epitomizes the ethos of ethical and sustainable farming, aligning seamlessly with The Better Butcher’s commitment to quality and responsible sourcing. This family-run farm is renowned for raising lambs free-range on the lush pastures of Southern Alberta, a practice that underscores their dedication to animal welfare and quality produce.

Free-Range Farming for Superior Quality

Ewe-Nique Farms allows their lambs to roam freely in their natural habitat, ensuring a stress-free and healthy growth environment. This free-range approach not only benefits the lambs’ well-being but also contributes to the high-quality, nutritious meat they produce, which is high in Vitamin B and low in cholesterol.

Commitment to Natural Growth

At Ewe-Nique Farms, lambs are raised without artificial growth hormones or animal by-products, emphasizing the farm’s commitment to natural farming practices. This ensures the lamb meat is not just delicious but also wholesome and free from unwanted additives.

On-Farm CHR-Approved Processing Facility

Understanding the importance of quality in every aspect, Ewe-Nique Farms processes their lambs in their own CHR-approved meat cutting facility on the farm. This move to in-house processing was driven by a desire for consistently superior quality, ensuring that the lamb cuts maintain the highest standard

Partnering with The Better Butcher

Ewe-Nique Farms’ partnership with The Better Butcher brings this exceptional quality lamb to Calgary’s discerning consumers. Their shared values of ethical farming, animal welfare, and commitment to quality make this collaboration a perfect fit, offering customers at The Better Butcher access to some of the finest lamb in the region.

Ewe-Nique Farms is not just a supplier; they are a crucial partner in The Better Butcher’s mission to provide high-quality, ethically sourced meats. Their dedication to sustainable farming practices and animal welfare mirrors The Better Butcher’s commitment to offering only the best to its customers.