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Benchmark Angus / Ben’s Quality Meats: A Legacy of Angus Excellence​

Benchmark Angus and Ben’s Quality Meats, located near Picture Butte, Alberta, represent a rich heritage of quality Angus beef production. The Munton family, now in its fourth generation, has passionately dedicated nearly a century to raising Premium Benchmark Angus Cattle, known for their tenderness and superior taste.

A Century-Long Legacy

The Munton family’s journey in ranching began over 110 years ago. Today, they continue to exceed industry standards with their productive and efficient cattle. The farm is not just a business; it’s a legacy, a continuous pursuit of producing the best-tasting Angus beef, renowned for its proven tenderness and unmatched flavor.
Sustainable Farming Practices
Benchmark Angus, a third-generation ranch established in 1960 by Stanley Munton and his son Douglas, is a testament to sustainable cattle breeding. The ranch spans over 8,000 acres of true cattle country, providing an ideal environment for raising Angus cattle. The farm’s approach to raising cattle emphasizes natural growth, with calves being raised on Southern Alberta grass and mother’s milk, without creep feeding. This practice ensures the production of top-quality carcass cattle.
Recognition for Excellence
The commitment to quality and sustainable practices at Benchmark Angus has not gone unnoticed. The ranch was nominated as one of the finalists for the Seedstock Producer of the Year Award by the Canadian Angus Association, a recognition given by the Worldwide Beef Improvement Federation. This nomination underscores their dedication to advancing the beef industry through genetic improvement and sustainable beef production.

Partnership with The Better Butcher

The partnership between Benchmark Angus / Ben’s Quality Meats and The Better Butcher is a perfect alignment of values. The Better Butcher’s commitment to offering high-quality, ethically raised meats is perfectly complemented by the Munton family’s dedication to producing premium Angus beef. This collaboration ensures that The Better Butcher’s customers have access to some of the finest Angus beef, a product of nearly a century of passion, expertise, and sustainable farming practices.

Benchmark Angus and Ben’s Quality Meats stand as proud representatives of Alberta’s rich ranching heritage. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction makes them an invaluable partner for The Better Butcher, ensuring that the legacy of quality Angus beef continues to grace the tables of discerning consumers.